Spring Equinox 50 MILER, 50K & 10 Miler

SATURDAY MARCH March 21 2015

2015 Spring Equinox Post Card Front


FORGE Racing is happy to announce a new partners for the 2015 EQUINOX

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Location/Course- Located in the heart of the Homochitto National Forest, in Meadville, MS lies the “Clear Springs Recreation Area” that boasts 50 miles of beautiful rolling singlrtrack trails. The rolling hills range from slow an long, to shorter steep climbs. The typical surface for the area is hard packed dirt, soft dirt, a few low lying damp areas, roots, and some great bridges. You will be running along ridges with beautiful views of valleys filled with pine and hardwood trees.

Aid Stations- There will be a number of “manned” and “unmanned” aid stations on the course with fluids (water, soft drinks, and Heed), ultra food, including HAMMER products.


Cut Off Times- Both the 50 miler & the 50k have a 13 hour cut off time. BUT if the last 50 miler is beating the 50k er, the 50 kers will be pulled.

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 9.43.31 AM

Camping-  There is plenty of camping available. The sites are first come first served so claim your spot as early as you can. There are HOT showers and clean bathrooms.

The Start & Finish Area- will be in the camping area at the Log Cbin Pavilion near the spring-fed Clear Springs Lake.
Race Start Time 
50 Miler & 50k – 6:30 AM
10 Miler             – 8:00 AM
Packet Pick Up- Packet pick up is  available the evening before the race & on race morning from  and will be located at the FORGE Racing tent near the start/ finish area.

Post Race- The post race get together will be a great time of awards, food, beverages, and just general fun.

*** Click The Map Below To See A Larger Version***

2014 Course Map

Equinox Trail Race Map
Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 9.57.55 AM
Clear Springs Equinox Topo map

Equinox 50k Elevation Profile: 4547 feet of gain.

This is the 50k (31 mile). You’ll get a tast of it here.


Directions to “Clear Springs” , EQUINOX from Baton Rouge

TO: 3888 Clear Springs Rd. Meadville, MS 39653 (The Start Finish)

Take I-110 North

Exit #8A/ LA-19 Scotlandville/ Baker

Turn Right onto Scotlandville Ave. (Hwy 19N) toward Baker/Zachary  33.0 Miles

Continue on MS-33 6.0 Miles

Turn Right on MS-24/MS-33 10.2 Miles

Bear left onto MS-33 25.7 Miles

Turn Right onto US-84 E, US-98 E 7.6 Miles

Turn Right onto Clear Springs Rd. SW 0.1 Mile

2 Hours

2013 Inaugural Eqiuinox 50k,25k, & 10 Miler RESULTS

2013 Equinox 10 Mile Female

2013 Equinox 10 Mile Male

2013 Equinox 25K Female

2013 Equinox 25K Male

2013 Equinox 50K Female

2013 Equinox 50K Male


2014 Eqiuinox Ultras 50mi, 50k, & 10 Miler Results

Equinox 2014 50 Mile Results 50 Mile Results

Equinox 2014 50K Results 50K Results

Equinox 2014 10 Mile Results 10 Mile Results



  1. Are you doing a 50 miler this year? Do you have cut off times?

  2. We are considering this for a first 50m , how are the hills?

    • Hey Nick,
      Very nice course with rolling hills, great ridge runs with great views. There are low flat portions. I think you’ll enjoy it for a first time 50m. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  3. As far as the camping situation goes, would I just show up and pay for a spot already reserved by FORGE? If so, how much? I am trying to make plans and want to be sure I will have a place to sleep that I can afford!

  4. Cut off for the 50Mile ? Is it possible to sign up for 50M and drop to 50K? Cut off for the 50K?

    • We are playing with it…the terrain is pretty intense (topography) so we are thinking 13 hrs for the 50 miler and NO cut off for the 50k (as long as there are still 50 milers on the course). If all 50 milers finish and you are a 50k er and still on the course we’ll pull you.Does that help?

  5. Will the Forge campsites be improved sites (electricity)? We are tent camping but want to be able to plug in our stuff!

    • I believe so. They are near the bathrooms and have the gravel area to camp on, grill etc. We had the same last year but cant remember. Ive camped in alot of primitive places and this is not like those. You are camping right next to other people.

    • Camping- I have reserved a group camp site for us for Friday night the 21st and saturday night the 22nd. The cost is $10 a tent. Just let me know. You can pay when you arrive. There ARE RV sites in the group area as well.There IS electricity

    • Camping- I have reserved a group camp site for us for Friday night the 21st and saturday night the 22nd. The cost is $10 a tent. Just let me know. You can pay when you arrive. There ARE RV sites in the group area as well.

  6. Can I reserve a site with you? I tried to look at the Clear Springs website and it doesn’t look like they will let me make a reservation. Hate to just show up without a definite spot to camp! So can you reserve one for my family and we will pay you when we get there? I am registered for the 50k.

    • I have a group camp reserved for us…For friday the 21st & Saturday night the 22nd. $10 a tent. Pay me when you arrive. You just got a spot,

    • Camping- I have reserved a group camp site for us for Friday night the 21st and saturday night the 22nd. The cost is $10 a tent. Just let me know. You can pay when you arrive. There ARE RV sites in the group area as well.

  7. What if I have 40 miles in and I am at 12 hours? Will you pull me? I was hoping to make this my first 50 miler but I dont know what I can do. I have done two 50k at about the 8 hour mark but they were not trail. I was hoping your time limit would be closer to 15 hours.

  8. I’m signed up for the 50 miler, and I’d like to tent camp on Friday and Sat. What else do I need to do for that? Thanks.

    • Camping- I have reserved a group camp site for us for Friday night the 21st and saturday night the 22nd. The cost is $10 a tent. Just let me know. You can pay when you arrive. There ARE RV sites in the group area as well.

      • Thanks. I have a pop-up camper, but probably will tent camp this time. How do we make reservations for other times? I would like to go up there in a couple of weeks to check out the area, and I might stay over. I couldn’t figure out who to contact with the Forest Service about camping.

  9. You cannot reserve spots. There is ALWAYS room. I can do it because i am having an event there.

  10. Jeff,
    Just noticed you set the cut off at 13 hours, my wife and I have run a few 50k and many marathons, 50k in 6 to 6:30. I have no idea on a time for the 50 miler but figure we will be walking a good bit in those last few miles. We bought lights and would hate to get pulled if we are still moving forward.

    Nick & Pam

    • Hey Nick,
      So, as long as you are making legitemate progress, like coming closer to the finish (not 15 miles out or something), you will not be pulled.
      Sound good?

    • Nick and Pam, I am in the same boat. Maybe we can hang together and help pace each other. Carol

      • We will have to look for you, we just did a trail marathon
        in 4:30ish ( garmin said 24 miles) but the Equinox is hillier and muuch looonger.

  11. How early will people be there Friday to get a group spot?

  12. Do you know the average ascent and descent?

  13. For the 50 miler

  14. Ok, I just signed up. I don’t think I will make the cutoff, but I am going to go for it anyway!

  15. Please save me a camping spot. Thanks!

  16. So any idea on the number of people running the 50k?

    Just curious. :)

  17. How about the 50 miler?

  18. Thanks for a great experience and a very challenging race. I hope to see you all for the 100k in December.

  19. Thanks for putting on a great race. It was really tough for me, but I appreciate the encouragement of you and your team. The hospitality was great. That’s why I love trail ultras! Great job Forge!

  20. Pam and I also had a great time Saturday for our first 50 miler, I might be interested in that 100K as long as it has bigger hills and more of them. HA!!

  21. Please god no more hills !!!! I’m still dreaming about those hills . The hill from the finish line to the bathroom was bigger than the hills I trained on . Lol

  22. Do you have a date for the 2015 50 mile run?

  23. Hahaha, yes hello! Thats how FORGE rolls!

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