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As seen in the short article in Trail Runner Magazines weekly email newsletter “Inside Dirt”, there is a buzz about this race!

The 777 Inferno Stage Race will consist of 3 races at 3 different locations near Alexandria, LA. As you see in the event name there are 7’s. These 7’s describe the times that you will have to start each stage: 7AM, 7PM, 7AM (beginning June 21st).

You dont want to miss this epic stage race from FORGE Racing. FORGE is experienced in putting on 126 mile point to point trail races all the way down to kids 1 mile trail races. As you can see by our sponsor affiliations for this race as well as our races throughout the years found under the “Sponsors and Friends” tab, we are a respectable trail unning ambassador and production company. We’d love to have you and are certainly available to answer questions. E-mail jeff at

Hope to see you come out!!!!!


Kincaid Lake Primitive Camping

Kincaid Lake Camping


Race #1 -June 21st 7AM- The Kisatchie National Forest, Kincaid Lake, 25.6 Mi

Race #2 -June 21st 7PM -The Kisatchie National Forest, Caroline Dormon Trail, north of Alexandria, 22Mi

Race #3 -June 22nd 7AM-The Kisatchie National Forest, Wild Azalea Trail, 26.2Mi

777 Inferno 3 Race Location Map

2014 777 Inferno Stage Race RACE MAP Location 1


Kincaid Lake, Lake Trail 3,520 ft of elevation gain

2014 777 Inferno Stage Race Location 2 Map

Caroline Dormon Elevation Profile

Caroline Dormon Trail   923 ft of elevation gain

2014 777 Inferno Stage Race Location 3 Wild Azalea Map


Wild Azalea Trail 3,564 ft of elevation gain

Enjoy the Inferno Lounge after every leg of the race…

Ice Pools, Beer, Food, and of course an Island Theme!

Inferno Lounge Logo



Cut Off Time

This year the cut off time is very relative. Since this is the first year, it is tough to tell how long it will take so there is NO true cut off time.

Scoring/ Placing

The places that the runners/ teams will come in will be calculated by the addition of ALL 3, or 2 (based on category) times (the time you finish at each location).


Solo- Run all 3 Locations

Pick 2- Run 2 Locations (your choice)

Relay- 3 Person Relay (1 must be female)

*3 Person Relay Team: 1st team member runs first location, 2nd team member runs Second location, & 3rd team member runs the third location.


Solo- Top 3 Male & Female Overall fastest combined times

*Finishers UNDER TOTAL time of 18 hrs, of all 3 races get an 777 Inferno Logo Patagonia Houdini Jacket

Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 1.10.41 PM copy

Pick 2- Top 3 Male & Female Overall

Relay 3 person (1 must be female)- Top 3 Overall

  1. I am interested in more details about the Relay option – Would one person each run one whole race, or do we split each race in three legs and all 3 people run a third of each race?

    • A most excellent comment. I will clarify more on the web site. 3 Person Relay Team: 1st team member runs first location, 2nd team member runs Second location, & 3rd team member runs the third location. Thats it.

  2. How hot will it be in the Inferno???

    • Well I am not a forecaster, nor would I know for sure this far in advance. A good guess would be 100% humidity, close to 90 during the day & closer to 80 after sunset. Very tropical on the trails.

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