FORGE Racing News: Upcoming Races & Important Dirty Junk

Hey kids,
First off thanks for coming out to the Dirty Soles Races. I hope you had fun. Loved seeing all of you out there getting dirty. So there are some upcoming FORGE Races you need to come out and try and some important info that may blow your minds.

– HEADHUNTER 5k, 10k, & Half Marathon (Race #2 in the 2013 FORGE Trail Series) , March 9th in Denham Springs, LA. Click below to register:

-SPRING EQUINOX 50k & 10 Miler, March 23 at Clear Springs Recreation Area, Meadeville, Mississippi. Click below to register:

-Cajun Coyote 20 Miler, 100k, & 100 Miler, December 7, Chicot State Park, Ville Platte, LA: Click below to register:

– Well the turn out for the Dirty Soles race was so awesome that we ran out of T’s. We promised a bunch of you pre-registered runners that you would get T-shirts, and you will get them…they are in the works. Sorry for running out!

– I am still waiting on that Spring Patagonia Catalog to come out to get you series kids your shwag. As soon as that catalog comes out, I’ll send you your choices, you’ll choose, and you’ll let me know…then you’ll get it! I want to get these to yall at the HEADHUNTER Race.

– Many of you expressed to me that you would like to sign up for the rest of the 2013 Trail Series AFTER REGISTERING AND RUNNING THE DIRTY SOLES 10K. HERE ARE THE STIPULATIONS:
1) You must have ran and have a time for the Dirty Soles 10k Race (WELL KIND OF…READ ON!)
2) You register for the next 5 races of the trail series races (at a pro-rated price because you already paid for the Dirty Soles Race)
3) If you really really really want to sign up for the next 5 races and be included in the 2013 Point Series AND YOU MISSED THE DIRTY SOLES RACE, that 
is fine…just remember that you are 1 race behind as far as series points go (the reality is that other people may miss a race this year too, so it may 
balance out). If this totally confused you, just e-mail me 🙂
4) Click below if you want to register for the next 5 races of the 2013 Series (remember you will be running the 10k’s)

– Brenton Day and I are headed to Clear Springs to do “homework” for the Spring Equinox Races on Saturday February 23rd. If any of you are interested in coming up, running, hanging out, drinking beer, and get a sneak peak of the race course, come join us. More info will be on Facebook about it closer to the actual date.

I guess that’s it for now kids! Keep getting out there and remember:

“What is genius? – It is the power to be a little boy or girl again at will.”
-James Matthew Barrie

Don’t ever lose it! Stay young!

Dirty Boy

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