2016 Cajun Coyote Ultras & Trail Fest

2016 Cajun Coyote Post Card Front-2



2016 Registration IS OPEN


to register for the 2016 Cajun Coyote Ultras & Trail Fest

 FORGE Racing is happy  to be partnering with these great sponsors for the 2016 Cajun Coyote

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Patagonia Logo

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2016 Pre Race Letter

Hey Coyote Kids!
First, thank you so much for deciding to come over to Louisiana (or just over to Chicot for you locals), and playing, and running, and eating, and drinking, and having fun with us! We are truly honored to have you and know you will have a great time in a great state and on a great trail!
So here is the Coyote info email i promised…i am trying to cover ALL the angles. E-mail me if there is something you are wondering about that i DO NOT cover HERE (please read the whole e-mail). If you ask me a question that i have already answered here then i will chase you down and brand your back with the Cajun Coyote logo! 🙂 And your momma or teachers always said that there are no stupid questions…they were wrong! It’s only stupid if i already covered it here…
Here we go.


Basic Information:  100M, 100K and 20M (10k is an out & back)* single track loop trail around the lake at Chicot State Park, Ville Platte, Louisiana.  Dec 3RD & 4TH 2016, 6:30AM Start for 100M/100K, 8:00AM Start for 20M & 10k.  30 hour limit for 100M, with final lap cutoff near 2nd dawn. There is a 18 hour limit for the 100k.  225 entrant limit across all three distances, max 100 for the 100M, 50 for 100K and 75 for 20M.  (If one field doesn’t fill before one week before Registration closes, spaces will be added to the other distances if folks are still chomping to get in.)  FOUR aid stations in the loop (one of them is start/finish), with food and fluids intended to help you make progress toward the Finish.  (How much you divert from your focused goal, because of all the entertainment opportunities (‘gator wrestlin’?), we take no responsibility for…)


We have a fine staff of unpaid professional wrestlers… oh, no, wait, we’re all volunteer yahoo’s… any who,  just remember, sucking up to Volunteers, especially in a multiple loop venue, can only improve odds of having richer support each succeeding lap. You first timers or veterans to trail running MUST know that an event like this COULD NOT happen without volunteers. Go ahead and thank the volunteers beforehand and while you’re participating. You may never know, you may need them to pop a blister for ya, hide all reflective materials in site so you can’t see what kind of shape you’re in, wipe the drool off your chin at mile 90, or even tell you NOT to sit down over and over again so you will continue. All kidding aside, VOLUNTEERS ARE THE LIFEBLOOD OF AN EVENT LIKE THIS.

Aid Stations:

Three stations besides the Start/Finish, all reasonably spaced at roughly mile 4, 9, 16, 20 (S/F) around the lake so you won’t have to camel up unreasonably.  Weather-dependent, you may need only one water bottle between stations.  Whether you bring knife & spork for consumption of solids will be your decision. The Aid Stations will be headed up by:

AS/1 – Edie Riedel and the Mud N Guts Trail Running Tribe- These folks are locals, who frequently run the Chicot trail, and trail races & ultras all over the country. They have also been doing this A/S for years.

A/S 2 – The FORGE Racing Crew- These kids are trail and trail ultra runners, they love drinking and sharing beer, and have been doing this A/S for years.

A/S 3 – The Legebdary Miriam & Dwayne Thompson & friends. This is a fun group…beware of the brownies. You may find yourself on a magic carpet ride if you eat one ! JK They are a crew of tip top trail and ultra trail runners. If you don’t know them, then get to know them… they’le boost your spirits and save your DNF from happeneing.

And finally A/S 4 – S/F – Will be brought to you by FORGE Racing. We will hover over your drop bags and keep them safe as well as…well,you’ll see. 🙂

-Each aid station will be stocked with, but not limited to, Hammer Nutrition products as well as water, real ginger ale, Coke, Sprite, beer, hot chocolate, chicken broth, ramen, boiled potatoes & salt for dipping, pb&j sandwiches, chocolate candy, other candy…chips, pretzels, crackers etc. each aid station may or may not be preparing (made to order) special things such as burritos, quesadillas, grilled cheese, rice, home made soup, home made cookies, brownies. Each A/S will have its own specialty….hot food and a VARIETY. WE ARE KNOWN FOR OUR AID STATION ENVIRONMENTS AND FOOD…AND OF COURSE THE BEAUTIFUL COURSE!

Course Markings:

Trees and other similarly visible reference points are painted with vertical orange painted blazes.  Only at areas where those blazes don’t exist – e.g., from the Start/Finish area to the trail itself – we’ll provide markings / fluorescent green hanging tape as well as a few arrows & glow sticks to prevent your getting off course.  There ARE other trails with different color blazes (e.g., blue), so if you find yourself on a trail with a different color blaze, guess where you AREN’T…  (More than a couple of you reading this can’t wait for the challenge of proving you can get lost…)

On-Course Accountability:

With a fairly simple course to manage, that means we’ll also have a fairly simple communications system (hovering helo’s & video feed? nah…).  And with that simplicity, OUR agenda for YOU is also fairly simple:  just insure you have checked in at each aid station – don’t just blow into town and expect someone to recognize your presence; YOU must engage THEM.  Failure to do so, especially across consecutive stations, could mean you lose official recognition of your miles and may not win some nifty prize for all those (now unofficial) miles on your logbook.  Too, if your motivation fades to just a fog and you would rather just curl up with a pillow somewhere else, let the station honcho know of your departure from the game.  Go back to the S/F and replenish your body…


Packet Pickup/ Pre-Race Dinner / Check-In:

We hope most of you will take advantage of Friday night dinner, the more convenient for both you and us to gather/unload goodie bags.  The pre-race meal/ packet pick up will be at 6:30PM at the S/F Pavilion (Pavilon #001) . We will be having gumbo, salad, beer, other drinks and other stuff…and heck its a great time to socialize while people are “normal”…not weeping at mile 80 🙂

If you can’t join us Friday night, you’ll get your packet when you check in before you start.  Check-in will open Saturday as close to 5AM as we can feasibly arrange.  (The gate to the Park probably won’t be open much before that, so you may be queueing up just to gain entrance, but we’ll work to make sure that access doesn’t affect Start time.)  If you are already within the park…well then you will have no problems.  20 Milers & 10k-ers can come as early on Saturday morning as you like (or Friday night if you are attending the meal)…just no later than 7:00 AM Saturday because we want to get the pre-race meeting and pre-race beer drinking started on time! Your race begins at 8:00 AM.

*ALL runners must check in before starting in the morning. There are no bibs. So that we have full accountability for starters, not just those who snatched up their goodie bags and drifted elsewhere for the weekend, we will be putting your number on you in permanent marker.  Your race numbers will be applied on a very visible spot. Past years people have chosen the forehead…seriously! You MUST hand sign the race waiver at packet pick up BEFORE you start running or you will be removed from the course.

*THE BEER MILE will begin after the last 20 miler finishes. Yes there are appropriate prizes and prestige associated with it. The race is free…just a donation to help the United Way in their flood relief efforts.

Crew / Drop Bags / Pacers:

To keep our overall impact visibly marginal in the Park, crews (…you really need one for this simple a venue? Why not rope ‘em into running, too!) will only be permitted at the Start/Finish.  Drop bags fall into the same category, with the added logic that we’ll need available space in aid station vehicles to get supplies out on the course, without burdening them with a bunch of odd-looking, smelly, sweaty bags. If you can’t make 20 miles w/o access to your favorite, good luck teddy bear somewhere besides the S/F, consider putting the little critter on your back.  Pacers will be allowed only for the 100M, and not joining her/his wasted runner until s/he/it has found the end of the 3rd loop (60 miles).  Pacers MAY NOT mule or a sherpa for the runner, and as a pacer, you ought to remember it’s all about your runner, not you…  If you as Pacer are found roaming too far from your runner to be of real support, we may ask you to leave the course…

***THIS IS HUGE ! LITTERING IS IGNORANT ! I hope you agree. FORGE Racing respects it’s race venues and YOU  WILL too. PLEASE do not throw gu wrappers or anything else on the trail. Please carry your trash out with you and throw it away at an aid station (vomit and excrement do not apply…try to do that off the trail for sake of the other runners).

***I AM SERIOUS WHEN I SAY THIS: If you are trashing up the Coyote course you WILL be asked to leave the race immediately and will not be permitted to come back. YOU WILL ALSO have your name out there…as a race course trasher.



Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 8.39.49 PM


You can certainly search on your own, but consider these (and since some websites shift like quicksand, visit the parent company’s website and search for the city):

Ville Platte, 10 miles from the Park:  Best Western

Opelousas, 30 miles from the S/F:  Holiday Inn, Comfort Inn, or Super 8

Alexandria, 48 miles from the S/F:  Best Western or La Quinta

Plenty of camping/ RV, and cabins within the park.


The answer is: “I don’t know”. This time of year in Louisiana can be muggy, hot, and humid, or in the wet 30’s. The weather may even change in a few hours (most definitely from hot to cold) this time of year. My suggestion is to bring BOTH hot and cool weather running clothes. It’s obviously better to shed or not use, then to wonder why the “F” you left your other gear in your closet. Also keep checking the weather because we know meteorologists are always right! Bahahahahaha Well thats all for now. Cant wait to meet you and play in the woods with all you dirty kids. I’m sure with your responses and with me re-reading what is sent, that there will be a subsequent email. Start packing those bags!

Jeffrey Beck

Cajun Coyote Elevation Profile

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 5.38.54 AM

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 5.04.27 PM

Cajun Coyote 20 Mile Loop Route Overview

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 5.43.28 AM

Cajun Coyote- Chicot State Park Map



2011 Cajun Coyote Results


2012 Cajun Coyote Results

Somewhere out there in the ether?????

2013 Cajun Coyote Results

2013 Cajun Coyote 20 Mile Results-2

2013 Cajun Coyote 100K Results-3

2013 Cajun Coyote 100 Mile Results-3

2014 Cajun Coyote Results- 20mi, 100k, 100mi


2015 Cajun Coyote Results- 20mi, 100k, 100mi

2015 Cajun Coyote Results

  1. I found your ad in Trail Runner and then went to your website. The course seems interesting and maybe I’ll get the chance to enter the 100 mile.

  2. I’m planning on running a 50 mile trail run at Huntsville State Park in Huntsville,Texas on DEC 7 2013 with my first pacer for the 2014 Rocky Raccoon 100 Mile Endurance Run on FEB 1-2 2014. I need to get that entry fee in as soon as I can. The Cajun Coyote 100 does sound interesting so I’ll see what I can do.

  3. How big is the loop on this course? Thanks!

  4. Do you happen to have results from 2012? I will need them to qualify for 2014 Eastern States 100, and since the website changed, is there a link?

  5. Any idea of what the weather will be like during this time.? I would be coming from Washington State.

    • Hey there,
      First, so happy you are coming down to run and play! So the beginning of December in Louisiana is tricky. In past years it has been 20 at night and high 60’s during the day with humidity (which makes it feel colder)…all the way to the low 80’s during the day to low 70’s at night…so it will vary. Watch the weather closer to the race and bring what you need. I suggest bringing warm clothes and cold clothes as well. Down here weather changes fast.
      Does that help?

  6. How quickly will the 100M fill? I may get a chance to come down, but it will be late notice due to my work schedule…

  7. I haven’t done anything more serious than highschool cross country and public 5K’s, which is what I’m doing now. I’m 15, but I’m really interested in ultra races and want to work up to things like 100k and 100m races. I want to work up to those of course so I’m interested in the 20M to start out. Is it something too serious to just jump from 3M/5K races straight into 20 miles? I know it’s tough, of course, but I don’t want to be in way over my head. My pace is usually between 5:40-6:00. What kind of time should I expect, if that’s not too much to ask?

    • Hey Jourdan,
      So happy you are interested and you have great questions. Here’s the best game plan if you want to do the 20. You need to start upping your miles now and consistently. You are used to sprinting and have really fast times per mile. Your pace will obviously need to be a bit slower to go 20 miles. The good thing is that there are aid stations with water, heed, food, gels etc. each 5 miles that will help you in your way. You have the fitness, but again start upping your miles in your runs at a slower pace. Your legs need to get used to being used for a longer period of time.
      Did this help at all? If you have more questions, please ask.
      Hope to see you there!

  8. Is it too late to sign up for the 20 miler? I have 5 people that are ready.

  9. Jared Fetterolf

    is this the race director that hosts the Rouge-Orleans race? I won it in 2012


  10. Am attempting 100 marathons/ultras by 2020 (www.tyregirl.com). Have completed @6 trail ultras up to 40 miles with a tyre (about12-13hrs). I do respect the environment; pick up the tyre in sensitve areas; giving way to runners on a narrow path; pick up the tyre when horses are around so I don’t spook them. Was wondering if I would be able to pull a car tire that is 22lbs/600mm width (about the average width of a guy) on the 100K?

    • TyreGirl,
      I love what you are doing out there. Some friends of mine are tire pullers. They pull on road marathons etc. I will have to say No though to pulling at the coyote. The trails are singletrack much of the way. I just dont know how it will turn out so I just have to avoid it. Sorry.

  11. Hey Jeff,
    Is the 100km a 3 points qualifier race for UTMB?

  12. Hello,
    I am signed up for the 20 mile and would like to upgrade to the 100k. Is there still room? Let me know and also let me know how much more I owe you.

  13. Is there still beds open in the cabins at the start?
    How do I reserve 2 beds


  14. 1- is parking available near the s/f and/or will there be a designated spot for drop bags is lieu of keeping them stashed in our vehicle?
    2-can you provide a bit more info on what will be provided at aid stations?


    • 1- You may park right next to the s/f.
      2- Aid stations…water, heed, coke, ginger ale, sprite, coffee, hot chocolate, beer, hammer gels, endurolytes, clif shot books, cliff mini bars, pb sandwiches, candy, chips, potatoes with salt, chicken broth, ramen…each A/S will also have their own special items like quesadillas, burritos, grilled cheese etc

  15. was wondering if you still have 2 beds available for reservation. thanks!

  16. Plan on checking on flights tomorrow and about 90% sure I am in. Hope it has some of the flavor I loved from the old C2M. Three hundreds in 5 weeks, yeah sound like fun.

  17. Is there any chance to still register or it’s definitely closed for this year ?

  18. Hello!
    I was looking for a fun 100 miler to do next year. I was wondering how much the 100m and 100k cost? Also, will the race be open next year?
    I know that things may change and may not be exact but just excited!
    Billy V

  19. Apologize in advance for all the q’s…Any idea when 2014 race will be? is there a 50m option? or just 100m? any qualifications to enter 100m?

  20. Jakob Herrmann

    As a 4 time Coyote2Moon 100 runner and a good friend of Chris Scott I am planning to come to Louisiana and run this fun event. I’ve seen the buckle picture on this page ( https://forgeracing.files.wordpress.com/2012/09/cajun-buckle.jpg?w=480&h=363 ) and is this the buckle you are giving to 100 mile finishers this year?

  21. Hey checking out your 100m run. Looks like a fun race! Is the total elevation for the 100m 5 times 1236? Just trying to get an idea of the terrain. Thanks!

  22. Jeff,
    I noticed the starting time for the 20M in one section above is at 7:30 on Saturday, and in another section, starting at 9:00am. I am staying in the park and am just wondering if one was a type-o. Soooooo…which is the start time. I would hate to sleep in too late.


  23. Jeff, is there any way I could still signup on the day of for the 100K. I had a last minute change in plans and would love to participate if space is available. More than willing to pay cash on the day of.


  24. are the results posted anywhere?

  25. How many do you have signed up for the 100 Miler?

  26. happy you are coming to run!

  27. Thanks! Cant wait!

  1. Pingback: Embracing my first 100 mile run — Arkansas Outside

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