FORGE Core Ambassadors


Brenton Day

Brenton Day is a 35 year old who loves running trails and drinking ales. He’s run every FORGE trail series race since 2010, and captured his age group series victory in 2011. He was the 2011 Cajun Coyote 20-mile champion and partnered with fellow FORGE ambassador, Kristin X McKinley, to win the 2012 Rouge Orleans 2-man relay. His first ultramarathon was the Mississippi 50K in March 2011, and will return there in 2012 for a 50 mile attempt. He will also run the XTERRA Oak Mountain trail marathon in May 2012 for the second straight year and has his sights set on the 2012 Leadville trail marathon in late June. He lives in Baton Rouge with his wife, Teresa, and daughters Emily and Anna, ages 8 and 5. Check out his blog at and follow on Twitter @thealerunner

Patrick Doring

battlefield pic

Patrick Doring, 31, is originally from Rensselaer, NY, but has lived in the Baton Rouge-area since 1998. He ran his first trail race in January 2013 (Forge Dirty Soles 10K) after several years of short-distance road racing and found both a renewed love of running, and an awesome group of people to run with. His third trail race of any distance was the inaugural Forge Equinox 50K and hasn’t looked back. Along with completing the Forge trail series that year, he also completed the Cajun Coyote 100K, then went on to complete the Destin 50 Mile run, the Equinox 50K again, and the C&O Canal 100 Mile Run in Maryland, all in just the first part of 2014. He then finished the Chattanooga Stage Race and the Barkley Fall Classic later that year, all the while completing the 2014 Forge trail series throughout the year. His long term running goals are to qualify for and complete the Hardrock 100, and to complete the entire Barkley Marathons. When not running/exploring trails, Patrick enjoys music (playing, listening, concerts, etc), good craft beer/homebrew, traveling, and planning the next mountain adventure.
Upcoming Races:
Cajun Coyote 100 mile
Houston Running Festival – 24hr (not trail but only a few weeks after Coyote)
Frozen 50K – Idaho
Destin 24hr run
Black Warrior 50K
Double Top 100 – Georgia
Strolling Jim 40 Mile – Tennessee (roads but a Lazarus Lake event)
Manitou’s Revenge – New York (54 mile run through Catskill Mtns)
Big Backyard Ultra – TN (last man standing, as many 4 mile trail loops as you can complete per hour, another Lazarus Lake event)
Pinhoti 100 – AL
-In the lottery for Leadville and Wasatch, won’t know about those until late January-early February
-May also be running Cruel Jewel 100 in May (GA), waiting to see how December plays out
    -If I finish Coyote and get a decent distance at the 24hr in Houston, I’ll sign up for Cruel Jewel
-Will text you the best picture I have but we may have to just take one the night before Coyote
-Let me know if you need anything else.


Kristin X McKinley is a 32 year old who found her happiness on her first trail run in January 2010 and has since vowed to follow FORGE Racing wherever it may take her.  She took home the age group series victories for 2010 and 2011.  After great success at Rouge Orleans 2011 with a 3 person coed team, she went on to conquer the RO 2012 with a 2 person coed team.  Kristin began running ultras in 2011 with the Q50 50K in January and again in November. She has twice raced the Cajun Coyote 20 mile taking home the first place female trophy in its inaugural year; this December she plans to complete the Cajun Coyote 100K.

El Jefe AKA “Dirty Boy”

Jeffrey Beck is a 37 year old lover of hummus, who also loves dirty shoes. I love running through the woods like a kid splashing in puddles, climbing hills, and jumping logs. Founder and owner of FORGE Racing since 2009. Jeff has been pushing trail running and challenging people to run off road in in the Baton Rouge area and across Louisiana for years. My favorite response to the FORGE Racing events is “I hate you, but I love you”.  If I hear those beautiful words then I know I have done my job. Just a few races from my resume include the Dreamchasers Teton Mountain Marathon, Teton Mountain 10k, StumpJump 50k, the Mississippi (MS) 50k & Half Marathon, XTerra Trail Races, bla bla bla

Shane Walsh




Shane Walsh is a 27 year old who loves running trails and racing. He began running cross country and track in high school, and attended Kennesaw State University in Georgia on a XC/Track and Field scholarship. After running there for a year, he took a long break from running then started again in 2011. After nine months of running he met Jeff Beck with Forge Racing when Forge was holding the inaugural Thunderbird Race on his home trail, The Beast in St.Francisville. Now he runs exclusively on trails and since that race Shane hasn’t looked back, by continually placing in the top positions at every race. 2013 Race Results are: 4th at Forge Equinox 50km, 1st Forge Hell’s Hills Half Marathon, 2nd Forge Out-n-Back Half Marathon, and participated in the US Track and Field Trail Half Marathon National Championships in Moab, Utah were he finished 26th among US men in an elite field. His future goals are to run and race consistently, increase his ranking on the national level, and inspire more people to hit the trails.

Come run the FORGE races kids!!!!!!!

Nathan Jones


Ed Melancon




Some of the FORGE kids…

  1. These FORGE Ambassadors are full of awesomeness.

  2. Is registration closed for the out n back?

  3. I tried to register last night and the website said it was closed.

  4. Carolyn Gernand

    Question: How does one contact the race director or volunteer coordinator for the 777? I am an experienced ultra-runner and aid-station volunteer and have just moved to Louisiana from Virginia (long-time member of Virginia Happy Trails Running Club; feel free to check out ). But due to the whole packing / house-prep-for-sale / moving ordeal, I am sadly out of training for running the 777 kind of distance right now.

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