Out N Back Trail Races

2015 OUT N Back Postcard



 June 20th 2015

7:00 AM

East Boat Launch

Kincaid Lake Recreational Area, Kisatchie National Forest

Alexandria, LA

Register by clicking below:



2013 Results

2013 OUT N BACK 5K M & F

2013 OUT N BACK 10K M & F

2013 OUT N BACK Half Marathon M & F

2013 OUT N BACK Marathon M & F

2014 Results

Out N Back 1 Miler

Out N Back 5K Female

Out N Back 5K Male

Out N Back 10K Female

Out N Back 10K Male

Out N Back Half Marathon Female

Out N Back Half Marathon Male


  1. jeff, I have a question.
    Dakota (our son) is wanting to do a long trail run. his dad (Dwayne) is gonna do 777 but I saw that one can not register for only 1 of the stages. So is this “out and back” race at the same time and place as stage #1 of the inferno? Maybe i’ll reg him for the half.

  2. Just tried registering for the out n back. Website said registration is closed. Is registration already full?

  3. Heather Schilling

    Worried about water available. Do we need camelpack or are there stations?

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