Trail Series Dates & Info

The FORGE Trail Series consists of 6 races throughout the year (each of which take place at a different location, and run in each season of the year).  The races can be run as a series or  stand alone events.

The FORGE Trail Series is the ONLY Trail Series run in Louisiana. Racers travel from surrounding states to participate in the 6 race series. The locations utilized for the races have some of the most beautiful trails in the state.

Note: the ONLY distance competing for the OVERALL point series winner are the 10k’s


Top 8 overall will receive points:

1st place= 10pts, 2nd place= 8pts, 3rd place= 6pts, 4th place= 5pts,

5th place= 4pts, 6th place= 3pts, 7th place= 2pts, 8th place= 1pt.

The top 5 in each age group will receive points:

1st place= 5pts, 2nd place= 4pts, 3rd place= 3pts, 4th place= 2pts,

5th place= 1pts